Odour Control

We have over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of innovative odour control systems. By combining our specialist knowledge and expertise, we deliver turnkey carbon filter solutions for complex odour control and VOC abatement scenarios in the commercial, educational, residential and industrial sectors.
Odour Control & VOC Abatement Systems
Our world-class carbon filter systems are designed using the latest technology to deliver high-efficiency odour control and VOC abatement.

Design & Manufacture Service

For bespoke projects, we take a consultative approach and our carbon filter design and manufacture service ensures that you get the right filtration solution for your project.
Odour Control and VOC Abatement for Sewage & Wastewater Treatment

We design and manufacture carbon filter systems for odour control and VOC abatement in sewage and wastewater treatment, including sewage pumping stations, effluent storage, sedimentation, settling, and holding tanks.


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Odour Control, VOC & Dust Suppression for Energy from Waste Plants

We specialise in the delivery of innovative, custom-designed turnkey carbon filter solutions for waste to energy plants, with complex VOC and odour compositions.

The AAC 3-Pass Swiftpack® System is a bespoke carbon filter that is designed for odour, VOC, and dust suppression projects in Energy from Waste plants (EfW). This plastic refillable system is available in standard and bespoke configurations.


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Odour Suppression & VOC Removal in Solvent Fume Extraction Systems

Our standard and bespoke carbon filter systems are designed for organic and inorganic odour suppression and VOC removal in solvent fume extraction applications.

Our carbon filters deliver high-efficiency removals in a range of substances, including Toluene, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, and Acetic Acid.


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Odour Control for Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems

We have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of high-performance odour control solutions for commercial kitchen extraction and ventilation systems.

Our carbon filters are available in a full range of standard sizes and are suitable for a variety of volume flow rates.


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Odour Control & Fume Extraction in Soil & Land Remediation

We design and manufacture bespoke carbon filter systems for effective and reliable odour suppression and fume control in soil and land remediation projects.

Our carbon filters are suitable for projects with low to high volume flow rates and a high odour or VOC component from 0.5m3/s up to 60m3/s per vessel.


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Odour Control for Waste Recycling & Waste Transfer Stations

We deliver innovative carbon filter systems for waste recycling and waste transfer station projects where there is a requirement for immediate odour suppression, VOC abatement and dust extraction.


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Carbon Filters for Bin Stores

We offer a full range of flexible modular carbon filter systems for organic odour control and VOC abatement in bin store mechanical extraction projects with new or existing ducted systems.


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AAC Colourcell Media Filter System

The patented AAC Colourcell® Media Filter System provides a visual, first stage analysis of the condition of installed activated carbon, helping end-users and maintenance personnel to get the most out of their carbon filter system.

Activated Carbon

We supply an extensive range of competitively priced coal and coconut-based activated carbon to provide the optimum performance for your application.

Our Adsorption Media Index provides end-users with a guide to the removal efficiencies of activated carbon in a range of substances.

Carbon Filter Replacement Service

Click on the following link to find out more about our low-cost Carbon Filter Replacement and Media Disposal Services