AAC Nitrosorb utilises cutting-edge carbon filter technology to deliver high-efficiency and sustainable Nitrogen Dioxide removal solutions. AAC NOxBox is designed for residential applications and is specified in both new build and retrofit schemes with MVHR. AAC Nitrosorb is accepted by planning authorities as a viable NO2 & NOx removal solution for indoor air quality projects in Air Quality Management Areas, UK-wide.

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AAC Nitrosorb® NOx Filter Systems

AAC Eurovent is a market leader in NOx filter technology. AAC Nitrosorb® NOx filters are designed to deliver maximum NO and NO2 reduction. These high-efficiency NOx filters provide the ideal solution to the UK Building Services market for indoor air quality projects in residential, commercial, educational, and transportation schemes.

Air Pollution and the Impact of the Legislation on the UK Construction Industry

The European Union Air Quality and Clean Air for Europe Directive 2008/50/EC stipulates that indoor Nitrogen Dioxide must not exceed the concentration level of 4Oug/m3.

This legislation has significant implications for planners, developers and mechanical consultants who are involved in new build and retrofit projects in the residential, educational and commercial sectors. To comply with this legislation, developers must include NOx filtration in their design.

Areas that exceed 4Oug/m3 are designated as Air Quality Management Areas by local authorities.


AAC Nitrosorb® NOx Filter Systems

AAC Nitrosorb® NOx Filters

Our NOx filters use cutting-edge Nitrosorb® carbon filter technology to deliver high efficiency and a sustainable range of standard and customised NO2 & NOx reduction solutions.

  • Compliant with the CAFE Directive 2008/50/EC
  • High-efficiency MCERTS tested NOx mitigation systems
  • Accepted as a NO2 & NOx mitigation measure by Planning Authorities
  • Routinely specified by Mechanical Consultants

AAC Nitrosorb® filters are widely specified in Residential, Hotel and Student Accommodation schemes, both new build and retrofit and are accepted by Planning Authorities in Air Quality Management Areas, UK wide.

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We design and manufacture a full range of carbon filter products including an extensive range of high-performance carbon filter housings, carbon filters for Air Handling Units, skeleton frames, bulk filters, NOx filters, and much more…

For bespoke air filtration projects, we take a consultative approach, and our competitively priced design and manufacture service ensures that you get the right carbon filter system to meet your specific project requirements.


We hold a comprehensive stock of cost-effective granular (GAC), extruded, pelletised, specialist Impregnated, and acid-washed activated carbon to deliver a fast turnaround service for carbon filter projects in the industrial, commercial, residential and educational sectors.


Click on this link to find out more about our low-cost Activated Carbon Carbon Filter Replacement and Media Disposal Services.

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