Odour Control In Wastewater Tanks & Sewage Treatment Plants

We design and manufacture world-class carbon filter systems for the control of odour and VOC emissions in wastewater and sewage treatment plants, including pumping stations, wet wells, dry wells, effluent storage and settling tanks.
Carbon Filters

We use the latest carbon filter technology to design and manufacture a full range of standard and bespoke carbon filters.

The AAC PR™ range of plastic refillable carbon filters is suitable for use with a range of specialist activated carbon. These high-performance filters deliver an effective and sustainable solution for the removal of hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, mercaptan, indoles and skatoles.

Carbon Filters for Ducted Systems

The AAC Swiftpack® System is a robust filter housing that enables the AAC plastic refillable carbon filters to be installed in wastewater and sewage treatment applications with ducted systems.

This high-performance solution is designed to deliver maximum filtration potential, with low filter replacement and maintenance costs.

Passive Ventilation

Where there is a need to adsorb vent gases from sewerage processes and digestion tanks on a passive basis, we recommend the AAC PV Passive Vent.

These high-performance polypropylene carbon filters feature a disposable/refillable filter cell, have the capability to hold up to 18 kilograms of impregnated activated carbon and a capacity of up to 430m3/h to give a minimum of 0.5 second dwell time at maximum flow rate.

Fan assisted versions are also available for forced ventilation applications.

Drum Filters

The AAC DFV Drum Filter is a simple-to-install carbon filter suitable for the efficient removal of organic and inorganic odours from the air or gas streams, such as:

  • Formaldehyde
  • Ammonia
  • Hydrogen sulphide

This solution can be installed in series for longer contact and higher efficiencies and is suitable for projects with maximum flow rates of 250m³/hr.

Odour Control and VOC Reduction in Temporary Operations

The AAC CF Carbon Canister is a refillable carbon filter, designed to deliver excellent airflows, odour control, and VOC reduction. This carbon filter is suitable for semi-static, emergency, or temporary operations with volume flow rate of up to 760m3/hr.

These compact and lightweight filters are designed for use with a variety of media grades, depending on the application, to deliver maximum air filtration potential.

See the CCG/SS Carbon Canister and CCPL Carbon Canister.

Carbon Filters for Low to Medium Volume Flowrates With A High Odour Or VOC Component

The AAC BFV Bulk Filter is designed for wastewater and sewage treatment projects where larger quantities of activated carbon are required.

These high-performance carbon filters are built for economy and performance and are suitable for low to medium volume flowrates with a high odour or VOC component from 0.5m3/s up to 2.5m3/s per vessel.

Activated Carbon

We supply a full range of competitively priced, high-performance activated carbon, suitable for wastewater and sewage treatment applications.

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AAC Colourcell® Media Filter System

The AAC Colourcell® Media Filter System is an innovative solution that uses patented technology to provide end-users and maintenance personnel with an important visual indication of the condition of the installed activated carbon and when the media may require to be replaced.

Carbon Filter Replacement and Media Disposal Services

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