NOx Filters for Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Systems (MVHRs)

Innovative NOx Filter Systems for residential apartments, hotels, and universities with ventilation systems that are connected to an MVHR unit.
Our NOx Filters for MVHRs

The AAC Swiftpack® Nitrosorb Filter System is a range of NOx filters designed for ventilation systems that are connected to an MVHR unit.

These high-performance NOx filters incorporate AAC Nitrosorb® media into the AAC PR™ filter cells and offers the benefit of longevity, alongside low pressure drops, with no increased energy consumption from the indoor ventilation system.

A custom design and manufacture service is available for projects with multiple flow rates and where site restrictions apply. This service is offered at no additional cost.

Key Features

• Suitable for flow rates between 8l/s and 8,000l/s

• Plastic refillable system

• Units meet the low-pressure drop requirements of MVHR units installed under part F of the Building Regulations.

• Fully sustainable replacement filter cell system

Key Benefits
  • Compliant with the Clean Air For Europe Directive (2008/50/EC)
  • Proven NOx mitigation systems
  • Suitable for use with the AAC Colourcell Media Filter System
Key Benefits
  • Can be positioned either downstream (preferred) or upstream from the MVHR unit.
  • Can be accommodated in a false ceiling void as low as 100mm.
  • When situated upstream of the MVHR unit, the NOx filter needs to be fully insulated to mitigate against the effects of condensation.
Further Information
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AAC Swiftpack® Nitrosorb Filter System With Colourcell®

The AAC Swiftpack® Filter System is suitable for use with the AAC Colourcell® Media Filter System which is a unique cost and time-saving solution that gives maintenance staff an important visual, first-stage analysis of the condition of installed Nitrosorb media.


AAC Nitrosorb® Filter Cleaning & Replacement Services

The AAC Swiftpack® Nitrosorb Filter System has been designed for longevity and will deliver between 2-5 years of high-level air filtration performance.

For media replacement projects, we supply AAC Nitrosorb® filters in complete sets.

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