Carbon Filters For Museums, Galleries & Libraries

Our high-efficiency carbon filters are designed for SO2, NOx, and Ozone removal in Museums, Galleries, and Library Air Filtration Systems.
Carbon Filters for Museums, Galleries & Libraries

Air pollution from contaminants such as SO2, NOx (NO and NO2) and Ozone can have a devastating impact on the priceless artefacts and collections held in our Museums, Galleries and Libraries.

This can lead to expensive restoration projects and even do irreparable damage.

The hazards associated with these air pollutants can be minimized by the installation of a robust carbon filter system, giving custodians of our libraries, museums and galleries peace of mind, knowing that they are protecting their collections for many generations to come.

Our Carbon Filter Systems

AAC Eurovent has been manufacturing carbon filtration systems for over 30 years, and our carbon filters can be found protecting some of the UK’s most prestigious libraries, museums, galleries, historic buildings and palaces.

Our carbon filter systems are based on the proven AAC Phoenix™, a specialist impregnated activated carbon, designed to target & eliminate SO2, NOx & Ozone for both supply air and recirculated air applications.

The type of solution selected is dependent on whether the filters are to be fitted within an Air Handling Unit section or require a separate bespoke carbon filter housing.

New Build & Retrofit Projects with AHUs

The AAC Swiftkit® System incorporates a “kit of parts“ solution which enables carbon filters to be easily retrofitted into existing air handling unit sections on-site where odour control is a requirement.

As an alternative, we offer the AAC Skeleton Frame which is easily installed and simply slides within an empty AHU section and blanked off to avoid any air bypass.

For museums and galleries with existing air handling units, the AAC PR™ carbon filters can be installed using the AAC Skeleton Frame™ or AAC Swiftkit® System depending on the size of the air handling unit and the volume flow rates.

Both of these products are suitable for new and retrofit air handling applications.


Carbon Filters For Ducted Systems

For museum and gallery projects with ducted systems, AAC PR™ Carbon Filters can be installed into the compact AAC Swiftpack® system. This modular carbon filter solution is suitable for new or existing projects requiring an in-line activated carbon filter system.

Activated Carbon

For a library, museum and gallery applications, AAC recommend the use of Phoenix™ media, a chemically impregnated product, formulated specifically for projects that require high removal efficiencies for SO2, NOx (NO and NO2) and Ozone.

Further Information
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Media Testing Service

AAC Eurovent offers a Media Testing Service, with some services being available free of charge – subject to terms and conditions.

Media testing can take a variety of forms ranging from C.T.C (Carbon Tetrachloride Testing) analysis, R.C.T Testing (Residual Capacity Testing), Diffusion Tubes,  and Corrosion Coupons and AAC Colourcell.

AAC Colourcell® Media Filter System

The AAC Colourcell® Media Filter System provides end-users with a visual indication of the condition of their installed activated carbon and the assurance that they are achieving maximum benefit from their carbon filter system.

Carbon Filter Replacement Service

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