AAC Equinox

The AAC Equinox Continuous NO2 air quality monitoring system is designed for use with the AAC Nitrosorb filter system.
About The AAC Nitrosorb® Filter System

In response to major changes in European air quality legislation, AAC Eurovent has developed a full range of effective mitigation solutions to reduce NO2 levels in indoor air.

The AAC Nitrosorb filter system is regularly specified in residential, school, nursery, university and commercial building indoor air projects where there is a requirement, as part of the planning process, to deliver a sustainable NO2 mitigation solution.

Typical Applications
  • Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Colleges
Effective Monitoring And Measurement Of AAC Nitrosorb

Low data resolution (monthly data from diffusion tubes) and prohibitive costs have rendered conventional air quality monitoring techniques unsuitable for the continuous monitoring of the AAC NIitrosorb filter efficiency.

AAC Equinox is a competitively priced, continuous NO2 air quality monitoring system designed to measure the efficiency and performance of the AAC Nitrosorb filter system, both immediately and over time.

Why Choose The AAC Equinox?
  • High quality, low-cost solution with low maintenance and running cost
  • Simple to install
  • Remote analysis with setpoint alarm providing media replacement alerts
  • Assurance to end-users that the filters are performing well and protecting them
  • Provides invaluable indication as to when the Nitrosorb filters may need to be replaced
AAC Equinox And AAC Colourcell

AAC Equinox is designed for use with the AAC Colourcell® media filter cell to provide end-users with an important visual indication of the condition of installed Nitrosorb media. In practice, these changes may take place over a period of several years, but by monitoring the changes in the appearance of the Colourcell filter media, end-users and maintenance personnel are able to easily monitor the condition of the Nitrosorb filter media and to determine when it may require to be replaced.

In addition to the monitoring of NO2, AAC Equinox has the capability to monitor: carbon monoxide, temperature, relative humidity and noise levels.

AAC Equinox is available for purchase as an outright investment or on low-cost hire.

Further Information
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