Carbon Filter Specifications

The AAC PR™ is a low-cost range of plastic refillable carbon filters with re-usable filter trays. These high-quality and durable carbon filters are manufactured from virgin injection moulded plastic and assembled at our site in Brownhills. The filters have a removable sealing strip fitted at either end, to enable the granular or pelletised media to be easily poured out and then recharged.


Carbon Filter Specification Sheet

Type Dimensions
StandardA562mm x 605mm x 25mm
B562mm x 302mm x 25mm
C281mm x 302mm x 25mm
DoubleA562mm x 605mm x 50mm
B562mm x 402mm x 50mm
C281mm x 302mm x 50mm
TrebleA562mm x 605mm x 75mm
B562mm x 302mm x 75mm
C281mm x 302mm x 75mm

Bespoke Sizes Available

For example:
562mm x 907mm x 25mm
562mm x 907mm x 50mm
562mm x 907mm x 75mm