AAC Nitrosorb® Skeleton Frame Filter System

The AAC Nitrosorb® Skeleton Frame Filter System delivers a high-efficiency NOx filtration system used in conjunction with Air Handling Units.
Current Legislation

The European Union Air Quality and Clean Air for Europe Directive 2008/50/EC stipulates that indoor Nitrogen Dioxide must not exceed the concentration level of 4Oug/m3.

This legislation has significant implications for planners, developers and mechanical consultants who are involved in new build and retrofit projects in the residential, educational and commercial sectors. To comply with this legislation, developers must include NOx filtration in their design.

Areas that exceed 4Oug/m3 are designated as Air Quality Management Areas by local authorities.

AAC Nitrosorb Skeleton Frame

The AAC Nitrosorb® Skeleton Frame uses carbon filter technology to deliver a high efficiency and sustainable range of standard and customised NOx filter units.

The AAC Skeleton Frame system is supplied complete with AAC PR plastic refillable carbon filters and can be installed directly into Air Handling Units.

It is suitable for use in a variety of new build and retrofit applications where there is a requirement for NO2 mitigation.



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Key Features
  • Suited for small to large volume flow rate
  • Low pressure drop
  • Unique AAC Colourcell® media condition indicating filter panel
Key Benefits
  • Fully constructed, low maintenance solution
  • 2 to 5 years lifespan
  • High efficiency – MCERTS tested
  • Choice of particulate filters (G3, PM10, PM2.5)
Further Information
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AAC Colourcell® Media Filter System

The unique AAC Colourcell® Media Filter System is seamlessly incorporated into the AAC Skeleton Frame System range to identify the condition of their installed Nitrosorb® media.

Custom Design Service

The AAC Nitrosorb® Filter System is available in a range of standard sizes. Alternatively, a custom design service is also available. AAC Nitrosorb® is suitable for use with Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery Units and centralised Air Handling Units.

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