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Residential - Carbon Filter Applications

AAC Nitrosorb utilises cutting-edge carbon filter technology to deliver high-efficiency and sustainable Nitrogen Dioxide removal solutions. AAC NOxBox is designed for residential applications and is specified in both new build and retrofit schemes with MVHR. AAC Nitrosorb is accepted by planning authorities as a viable NO2 & NOx removal solution for indoor air quality projects in Air Quality Management Areas, UK wide.
NOx Filters for Residential Schemes

Our AAC NOxBox filter systems are based on the patented AAC Nitrosorb technology and have been designed to specifically mitigate indoor levels of NOx in Air Quality Management Areas, where levels of outdoor NO2 exceed the maximum level (40ug/m3) stated in The EU Directive 2008/50/EC (the CAFE Directive) European Union Air Quality and Clean Air for Europe 2008.


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