AAC Eurovent Press Release 1st August 2019

AAC Eurovent Introduces Two New Carbon Canister Ranges

AAC Eurovent recently introduced two brand-new carbon canister ranges to its portfolio of carbon filter products. These high-performance filters are designed to complement AACs long-established CF range of carbon canisters, offering AAC Customers a greater choice and flexibility.

The AAC CCG/SS (and the AAC CCPL (Plastic Refillable System) carbon canisters are both manufactured using the latest carbon filter technology to deliver a sustainable inorganic and organic odour control solution for a range of commercial and industrial applications.

Robin Elshout, Managing Director of AAC Eurovent said, “The AAC CCG/SS range of refillable galvanised/stainless steel carbon canisters is an exciting new addition to our established and highly successful . These simple to install filters are suitable for use in a variety of volume flow rates and are designed to offer excellent air flow and odour control in a host of applications including: Commercial Kitchens, Airport Terminal Buildings, Hospitals and Clean Rooms, Odour Control for Bin Store Extraction Systems and Museums and Galleries.

In addition to AAC CCG/SS range, we are delighted to introduce the compact and lightweight AAC CCPL plastic refillable carbon canister, which offers all the excellent features of the conventional stainless steel and galvanised steel type canisters, but with the added benefit of a plastic refillable system.”

Find out more about our brand-new range of AAC CCG/SS and AAC CCPL carbon canisters here.