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Carbon Filter Products & Activated Carbon for Odour Control...

At AAC Eurovent we use the latest technology to design, manufacture and supply high quality Air Filtration Systems for Odour Control and VOC Abatement. Our solutions are suitable for a range of Industrial and Commercial applications including: Food Processing Plants, Wastewater and Sewage Treatment, Museums & Galleries, Commercial Kitchen Extract systems and Airport Terminal Buildings.

Carbon Filter Products

As market leaders in Carbon Filter Technology, we supply a full range of competitively priced, high quality standard Carbon Filters. We also design, manufacture and supply Carbon Filters for bespoke Odour Control projects.

Activated Carbon

We hold extensive stocks of high quality coal and coconut based Activated Carbon and offer a fast turnaround media re-supply service.

The AAC Colourcell® Media Filter System uses patented technology to provide an important first stage analysis activated carbon indicator.

Indoor Air Quality

We offer a suite of low cost Indoor Air Quality solutions that have been specifically developed to reduce Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and NOx from indoor air. Our solutions have been independently tested, and are designed to meet current legislation in respect of internal levels of NO2 and NOx. Now widely accepted by planners, these solutions are increasingly specified by Consulting Engineers who are involved in new build residential projects where there is a requirement to reduce the levels of these pollutants to improve indoor air quality.

Please click on the video below to find out how the AAC Swiftpack® NITROSORB® Filter System delivers a proven mitigation measure, for the effective removal of nitrogen dioxide (N02) from indoor air.