NOx Filters For Student Accommodation Projects

Our innovative NO2 filter systems are designed for student accommodation projects with MVHR units, where space may be at a premium and ceiling heights may present a low profile.
Air Pollution Legislation

The EU Directive 2008/50/EC (the CAFE Directive) European Union Air Quality and Clean Air for Europe 2008 sets stringent levels for Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) in designated Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs).

NO2 Reduction in Air Quality Management Areas

UK Developers working on student accommodation projects must meet the demands of planners to comply with this legislation and to implement NO2 reduction and mitigation measures in schemes where all, or a proportion of the indoor air NO₂ levels have been found to exceed the accepted level of 40ug/m³.

AAC Nitrosorb has helped planners, developers and mechanical consultants to comply with current air pollution legislation and to achieve planning permission for new build and retrofit student accommodation schemes in Air Quality Management Areas.

NO2 Reduction For Student Accommodations

For student accommodation projects with MVHR units where space may be at a premium and where ceiling heights may present a low profile, we recommend the AAC Nitrosorb low profile 95mm H unit.

This high-performance NOx filter unit can easily be installed into an AAC Swiftkit® or an AAC Skeleton Frame™ and is one of the few filters on the market that is capable of being installed into projects that involve low ceiling heights.

This type of NOx filter solution is also suitable for Budget Hotels where the rooms may be smaller and therefore space for the services is at a premium.

Key Features

• High efficiency – MCERTS tested

• Designed for Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Units (MVHR)

• Suitable for Centralised Air Handling plants

• Suitable for horizontal and vertical airflow orientations

• Full range of standard sizes

• Transparent viewing panel for ease of inspection

• Available in plain galvanised or electric powder coat finish

Key Benefits

• Widely accepted by planners

• Recommended by leading UK Air Quality Consultants

• Routinely specified by UK Mechanical Consultants for new build and retrofit schemes

• Offers a very low-pressure drop

• Compatible with the AAC Colourcell® Media Filter System

• Bespoke design service available

Further Information
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AAC Colourcell® Media Filter System

AAC Colourcell® Media Filter System is a patented transparent filter cell designed to provide end-users and maintenance personnel with an important visual indication of the condition of installed AAC Nitrosorb® media and when it may be required to be replaced.

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