Drum Filters

The AAC DFV200 Drum Filter is a high-efficiency, refillable Carbon filter designed for odour control and VOC Abatement in low flow rate applications to a maximum of 250m³/h.
AAC DFV200 Drum Filter

The AAC DFV200 Drum Filter is a refillable carbon filter designed to efficiently remove organic and inorganic odours, such as formaldehyde, ammonia and hydrogen sulphide from the air or gas streams.

This simple-to-install carbon filter is suitable for vapour and low flow-rate applications that require either a standalone odour control and VOC abatement solution or one that can be installed in series for longer contact and higher efficiencies.

The AAC DFV Drum filter requires no maintenance and is manufactured in mild steel with optional pallet mounting for easy handling. Polypropylene units are also available for highly corrosive applications (can also be supplied in 316 stainless steel and ducted spigot connections).

Typical Applications


Vacuum Pump Discharges
Storage Tank Vents
Road Tanker Transfer Stations

Typical Applications


Food Processing
Blood Storage Tanks
Odour Removal in Dairies

Key Features

• Maximum flow rate of 250m³/h
• Single-use/refillable
• Robust mild steel construction
• Internally lined for chemical resistance
• Polypropylene units for corrosive applications.
• Optional pallet mounting for easy handling.

Key Benefits

• Competitively Priced
• Simple to install
• No maintenance
• Suitable for a range of activated carbon
• Can be installed in series or parallel for longer contact and higher efficiencies.

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For bespoke filtration projects, we take a consultative approach, and our competitively priced carbon filter design and manufacture service ensures that you get the right filtration solution for your needs.

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The AAC Colourcell® Media Filter System provides a visual, first stage analysis of the condition of installed activated carbon, helping end-users and maintenance personnel to get the most out of their carbon filter system.

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The AAC Colourcell® Media Filter System is designed to reduce costs and to help end-users and maintenance teams achieve maximum benefit from their carbon filtration system. This system provides a visual, first stage analysis of the condition of the installed activated carbon.

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