Carbon Filters for Odour Control in Dairy Wastewater Treatment & Sludge Holding Tanks

As market-leading carbon filter specialists, AAC Eurovent designs and manufactures turnkey carbon filter systems for high-efficiency air filtration and odour control in dairy wastewater treatment and effluent sludge holding tanks.
Carbon Filters

Our standard and custom-built carbon filter solutions are designed to effectively adsorb odour emissions, typically from fats, oil and grease generated by cheese manufacturing and dairy processing activities.

The AAC PR range of carbon filters are manufactured in a range of material options and can withstand air temperatures of up to 120°C.

These refillable carbon filters are designed for the effective removal of odours typically found in cheese processing and dairy factories.

Dairy Wastewater Treatment Plants with Ducted Systems

The AAC Swiftpack System is a competitively-priced duct mounted carbon filter solution designed for dairy processing and cheese factories with new or existing ducted systems.

This modular carbon filter incorporates the AAC PR plastic refillable type carbon filter trays and is suitable for use with a full range of activated carbon.

Drum Filters

The AAC DFV200 Drum Filter is a simple-to-install carbon filter designed for vapour and low flow-rate applications in dairy and cheese processing wastewater effluent plants where a standalone odour control solution is required.

These units can be installed in series for longer contact and higher efficiencies.

Passive Vents

AAC PV Passive Ventilation Systems provide an effective solution for adsorbing odour emissions generated from cheese manufacturing and dairy processing activities on a passive basis.

This high-efficiency carbon filter has a capacity of up to 430m³/hr.

Bulk Filter Vessel

The AAC BFV Bulk Filter Vessel delivers a competitively-priced odour control solution for dairy wastewater effluent treatment plants with low to high volume flow rates and high odour emissions.

This robust carbon filter is available in a range of material options.

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Activated Carbon

We hold in stock a full range of coal and coconut-based activated carbon to provide optimum filtration performance for cheese making and dairy applications.

Our Adsorption Media Index provides a guide to the removal efficiencies of activated carbon in a range of substances.

Carbon Filter Replacement Service

At AAC, we offer a comprehensive range of carbon filter services including a fast turnaround activated carbon media testing, replacement and safe disposal service.

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