Carbon Filter System for Waste Recycling & Waste Transfer Stations

The AAC 2-Pass Swiftpack Carbon Filter System is a bespoke filter designed for Waste Recycling and Waste Transfer Station projects where there is a requirement for immediate odour control, VOC abatement and dust extraction.
The AAC 2-Pass Swiftpack® Carbon Filter System

These high-efficiency carbon filters are capable of handling higher volume flow rates, with greater dwell times and deliver an effective, long term odour control solution for the type of significant odour concentrations associated with waste recycling and waste transfer stations.

Carbon Filters

The AAC 2-Pass Swiftpack® Carbon Filter System is designed for use with the AAC PR range of carbon filters to deliver high removal efficiencies for a range of substances generated during the waste recycling and waste transfer station process.

Our Adsorption Media Index provides a comprehensive list of substances for which carbon filtration can provide a cost-effective odour control and VOC removal solution.

Typical Applications

  • Waste Recycling
  • Waste Transfer Stations
  • Waste Holding Tanks
AAC 2-Pass Swiftpack® Units for A Waste Transfer Plant in Scotland

These AAC 2-Pass Swiftpack® 316SS carbon filter units were commissioned for odour control provision during a scheduled maintenance shutdown in a waste transfer plant in Scotland.

Key Features

• Manufactured from 316SS stainless steel
• Plastic refillable carbon filter system
• Greater dwell time
• 2-stage pre-filtration section
• High-efficiency dust filtration system
• Robust modular construction

Key Benefits

• Standard and bespoke configurations
• Competitively priced
• High-efficiency odour control
• Suitable for a range of activated carbon
• Designed for use with AAC Colourcell®
• Flexible modular solution
• Low running costs
• Operational life of at least 25 years

Further Information
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Activated Carbon

We supply a full range of competitively priced coal and coconut-based activated carbon designed to deliver optimum performance in waste transfer and waste recycling applications where the AAC 2-Pass Swiftpack® Carbon Filter System has been deployed.

AAC Colourcell® Media Filter System

The AAC 2-Pass Swiftpack® Carbon Filter System is designed for use with the AAC Colourcell® Media Filter System. This AAC product has been formulated to respond to changes in the condition of installed activated carbon by changing colour.

This provides maintenance personnel with an important visual indication of the condition of their installed activated carbon, and when the media may require to be replaced.

Carbon Filter Media Replacement

We provide a fast turnaround carbon filter media replacement service.


Carbon Filter Media Disposal

Following the replacement of media, we can arrange for the disposal of the spent activated carbon by an approved disposal company.

This popular service enables clients to be free from any direct involvement in the organisation and logistics of the spent media disposal.

A certificate of safe disposal is then issued to clients for their records.

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