Nitrosorb NOx Filter Systems

AAC Nitrosorb® NOxBox Filters

The AAC Nitrosorb NOxBox Filter is universally compatible with Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery utilised in residential, budget hotel and student accommodation applications.

AAC Nitrosorb® Swiftpack NOx Filter System

The AAC Nitrosorb Swiftpack System delivers a flexible, modular solution for NO2 removal projects with new or existing ducted systems.

AAC Nitrosorb® Swiftkit NOx Filter System

The AAC Nitrosorb Swiftkit System is designed to enable AAC Nitrosorb NO2 filters to be installed into Air Handling Units. This high-efficiency filter system offers the benefit of longevity, alongside low-pressure drops, with no increased energy consumption.

AAC Nitrosorb® Skeleton Frame NOx Filter System

The AAC Nitrosorb Skeleton Frame Filter System is a fully constructed NOx filter designed for installation into AHU sections where NO2 removal is required.

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