Particulate Matter – PM 2.5 Filters

Environmentally Friendly Particulate Matter Filters for High Efficiency PM2.5 Removal

The impact on human health of air pollution from particulate matter, PM 10 and PM 2.5 emissions is well documented.

The EU`s Air Quality Directive, the Directive on Ambient Air Quality and Cleaner Air for Europe (2008/50/EC), set an objective to reduce the overall exposure of populations to PM 2.5 by limiting long term exposure to PM2.5 through the use of annual standards along with a strategy to reduce PM 2.5 background concentrations in urban areas across the UK during the period 2010-2020.

PM 25 Filter


24-hourly limit values and objectivesAnnual limit values and objectivesAchieve by
EU First Daughter Directive (99/30/EC)50 µg m–3 with up to 35 exceedences a year40 µg m–31 January 2005
UK Air Quality Strategy (2000)50 µg m–3 with up to 35 exceedences a year40 µg m–331 December 2004

Our high efficiency, moisture-resistant PM 2.5 filters are available in a range of standard sizes, and are designed to deliver effective indoor air mitigation solution for PM 2.5.

Filter Classification

Filter class acc. To ISO 16890ISO ePM 2.5 (70%)
Average EfficiencyePM 157%
ePM 2.570%
ePM 1088%
Filter class acc. To EN 779:2012F7
Energy Class (Eurovent 4/21)
Energy ConsumptionNot applicable

Filter Specifications

MediumSynthetic – Progressive microfiber
Medium colour




Max. humidity resistance [%]




Max. temperature [°C]




Fire protection


DIN 53438 – 3 (F1)


Dimensions, Nominal Air Flow & Pressure Drop

Dimensions [mm]

(width x height x depth)

594 x 594 x 48Recommended nominal air flow [m3/h]1,000
Filter area [m2]1,6Potential nominal air flow [m3/h]

(short term usage possible)

FrameCardboard-, plastic-, aluminium-, galvanized steel frameInitial pressure drop [pa]90
LabellingDimension, air direction, filter class, type testRecommended final pressure drop [pa]300

 Available Dimensions:

Dimensions [mm]

(width x height x depth)

Filter area [m2]Nominal air flow


Initial pressure drop


495 x 622 x 481,4900 / 90Pa
495 x 495 x 481,1700 / 90Pa
393 x 622 x 481,1700 / 90Pa
393 x 495 x 480,9550 / 90Pa
290 x 594 x 480,8500 / 90Pa

PM 2.5 Filter Benefits

  • The PM 2.5 filter medium is with the additional clean air side metal mesh equipped
  • Big filter area in small required space
  • Moisture-resistant and sturdy filter frame
  • Optional with gasket
  • Special sizes on request
  • Environmental and disposal friendly – version with cardboard and plastic frame fully incinerable

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Clean Air Strategy 2019

The Clean Air Strategy 2019 (Section 1.3) focuses on UK emission reductions for
5 major air pollutants including PM2.5 and Nitrogen Oxides, with
national emissions targets being set for 2020 and 2030.

High Performance NOx (NO and NO2) Filtration Systems

The EU Directive 2008/50/EC (the CAFE Directive) European Union Air Quality and Clean Air for Europe 2008 also set stringent levels for Nitric Oxides (NO) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) in designated Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs).

This legislation may have compliance issues for Planners, Developers and Mechanical Consultants when they are working on indoor air filtration projects where the external air quality (NO2) being entrained into the building exceeds an annual mean of 40ug/m³

Typical Applications

  • Residential Schemes
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Commercial Buildings

NOx (NO and NO2) Mitigation Filter Systems

AAC NITROSORB uses breakthrough technology to assist developers in compliance with EU regulations on indoor air NO2 emissions, playing a key role in delivering effective NOx mitigation for indoor air projects in new build and retro schemes across the UK.

The AAC NITROSORB Filter System is suitable for use in MVHR Units, Horizontal and Vertical Airflows and Centralised Air Handling Plant and gives planners, developers, and mechanical consultants “one stop” access to a full range of effective and sustainable NOx mitigation solutions.

The flexible nature of the AAC NITROSORB Filter System enables PM10 or PM2.5 particulate pre-filter to be easily incorporated enabling compliance with the particulate aspect of the legislation.

The NITROSORB Filter System is available in a full suite of standard sizes, with a Free of Charge design service is available for bespoke projects.

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