Odour, VOC Abatement & Dust Control for Waste to Energy Plants

AAC Eurovent delivers world-class, custom-designed turnkey odour control solutions for Energy from Waste (EfW) plants with complex VOC and odour compositions.

Our Carbon Filter Systems are built for economy, durability and performance and come with a host of environmental credentials.

We offer a complete design and manufacture service that includes full 3D and 2D CAD capability, KST dust sample analysis and reports, dust collectors, odour abatement filtration, instrumentation and controls, fans, VSD’s, and ducting all to the highest standard of engineering to meet your project requirements.

AAC 3-Pass Swiftpack System

Our Carbon Filter Systems

The AAC 3-Pass Swiftpack System is a duct mounted system Carbon Filter capable of handling volume flowrates of up to 21.0m3/seconds. This high-performance filter is designed to eliminate odour and VOC emissions generated as a result of the Waste to Energy process.

The 3-pass capability of this carbon filter system enables different media types to be used to enable the removal of both general gases and odours, as well as specific gases such as ammonia. A 3-stage pre-filtration section can also be installed to protect the carbon media from blinding from any dust contamination.

AAC Colourcell Media Filter System

A patented AAC Colourcell transparent media indication filter is also installed within the unit, to enable onsite operatives to visually assess the condition of the media prior to any media replacement project.

AAC 3-Pass Carbon Filter System Servicing

AAC 3-Pass Carbon Filter Unit

The AAC 3-pass carbon filter units can be serviced by on-site personnel.  Alternatively, we can arrange for the filter units to be serviced on-site by fully trained AAC Personnel who are experienced in this procedure.

In addition, AAC Eurovent has the capability to design, install the ductwork, along with fan provision.

Bulk Filters for Energy from Waste Plants

The AAC High Volume Bulk Filter is a bespoke rectangular filter system that delivers excellent odour control and VOC abatement capability in Energy from Waste projects with higher volume flow rates and where large quantities of activated carbon are required.

  • Constructed of welded mild steel
  • Bespoke sizes available
  • Suitable for volume flowrates up to 30m3/sec per unit
  • Filled on-site for easy installation
  • Provide high removal efficiencies
  • Bed temperature monitoring and control option

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Dust Extraction Systems

We provide a full range of competitively priced dust extraction systems, designed to offer a flexible solution for the control and extraction of dust in Waste to Energy filtration projects.


We can supply a full range of standard and bespoke ductwork and associated ancillaries
for Waste to Energy filtration projects.

Fans for Waste to Energy Plants

We supply belt-driven or speed inverter direct driven fans and backward curved centrifugal fans for Waste to Energy plants. These high-performance fans are designed to deliver a robust fan system for medium pressure applications, typically 2000 to 3500 Pa.

Carbon Filter Systems for Waste Transfer Stations

The AAC 2-Pass Swiftpack® System is a bespoke carbon filtration solution built to deliver effective Odour Control and Dust Filtration in Waste Transfer Stations scenarios where there is a need to deliver immediate odour and dust control.

These robust filter units are capable of handling volume flow rates of up to 21.0m3/second and provide the greater dwell times required to deliver effective, long term odour control in the significant odour concentrations associated with this type of application.

Activated Carbon

We offer a full range of high-performance coal and coconut based Activated Carbon, suitable for odour control and VOC abatement in soil remediation projects.

Carbon Filter Media Replacement and Disposal

We offer a low-cost Media Replacement and Media Disposal Service.

All our products are manufactured in accordance with the quality assured system BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and are supported by our Free Technical Assistance.

Further Information

To find out more about the AAC 3-Pass Swiftpack Carbon Filter, please call our Customer Sales Team on 0800 999 4884 or send us an email.