Odour Control in Food Processing and Blood Tanks

At AAC Eurovent we offer a number of specialists Carbon Filter products designed to offer high quality Odour Control in Food Processing and Blood Tank applications.

AAC BFV Bulk Filter Vessel

The AAC BFV Bulk Filter Vessel is designed to offer a low cost, effective solution for VOC reduction and Odour Control in the Food Processing industry.  These robust filters are suitable for low to medium volume flow-rates from 0.5m3/s up to 2.5m3 /s per vessel, with a high odour or VOC component.

AAC Swiftpack® System and AAC Colourcell®

The AAC Swiftpack® System is a low cost Carbon Filter Housing designed for odour control applications in the Food Industry where there are new or existing ducted systems. These modular Carbon Filter Housings incorporate the AAC PR plastic refillable type carbon filter trays, and are suitable for use with a full range of Activated Carbon.

AAC DFV Drum Filters

The AAC DFV Drum Filter Vessel is suitable use in Food Processing and Blood Tank applications with a maximum flow rate of  250m3/hour. These high performance filters use project specific Activated Carbon to deliver optimum performance in food odour applications.

Activated Carbon

At AAC Eurovent we hold extensive stocks of a full range of coal and coconut base Activated Carbon. In addition to this we offer a comprehensive Media Testing and Disposal Service.

Further Information

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