Liquid Phase Filtration – Carbon Filter LF2000


The AAC LF 2000 is one of our range of  Liquid Carbon Filters designed for Liquid Phase Filtration applications.

This high performance Liquid Filter is suitable for controlling emissions in a variety of  liquid applications. The AAC LF 2000 has the capability to remove a wide range of organic compounds, and is suitable for use in semi-static, emergency or temporary operations such as site remediation and spillage scenarios.

The AAC LF2000 enables the even distribution of liquid across the carbon filter bed to enable maximum exposure to the filter bed and to deliver greater efficiency & maximum operational life.

The filter contains 2000 litres of activated carbon and at peak volume flow rates of 12m³/h an Empty Bed Contact Time (EBCT) of 10 minutes can be achieved.

Activated Carbon

The LF2000 is suitable for use with a range of project specific activated carbon. AAC Eurovent hold extensive stocks of high quality coal and coconut based activated carbon, and offer a fast turnaround media re supply service.

Media Testing Service

To support liquid phase applications, we offer a low cost activated carbon media testing service, with some services being available free of charge – subject to certain terms and conditions. This service includes: C.T.C (Carbon Tetrachloride Testing) analysis, R.C.T Testing (Residual Capacity Testing), Diffusion Tubes, Corrosion Coupons and the AAC Colourcell.

Media Disposal

Following media replacement projects, we can arrange for the disposal of the spent media by an approved disposal company. This is a competitively priced service, enables clients to be free from any direct involvement in the organisation and logistics of the spent media disposal. A certificate of safe disposal is then issued to clients for their records.

Further Information

For further information on our Carbon Filter products call our Customer Sales Team on 0800 999 4884 or send us an email.