Indoor Air Quality Filtration Systems

Carbon Filters

At AAC Eurovent, we offer a full range of standard and bespoke, plastic refillable Carbon Filters designed to deliver effective Indoor Air Filtration, VOC Abatement and Odour Control in a range of Commercial and Industrial applications.

Typical Applications:

  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Airport Terminal Buildings
  • Office Air Intake Systems
  • Museums and Galleries
  • Research Laboratories and Clean Rooms
  • Manufacturing Sites and Food Processing Plants

Carbon Filter Housings

To complement our range of Carbon Filters, we offer a full range of low cost Carbon Filter Housing.

Carbon Filters for Air Handling Units

See our range of Carbon Filter Systems, designed to enable Air Handling Unit Manufacturers to quickly and easily install Carbon Filters into their Air Handling Units.

Bag Filters, Pleated Panel Filters and HEPA Filters

For Air Filtration applications which require the control of dust levels, we can supply a full range of competitively priced Bag Filters and Pleated Panel Filters.

For fine filtration in Laboratories, Clean Rooms and Micro Technology suites, we can supply a full range of high efficiency HEPA Filters.

High Performance Activated Carbon

To assist with Indoor Air Filtration projects, AAC Eurovent offer an extensive range of Activated Carbon. A low-cost Media Replacement and Media Disposal service is also available.


NOx (NO2 And NO) Filters

For indoor air filtration projects which require an effective mitigation solution for NOx (NO and NO2), we recommend AAC NITROSORB®.

This high-performance dry chemical scrubbing media is designed for use with AAC products to deliver a range of versatile solutions for new build or retro fit indoor air applications in the Residential, Commercial and Educational sectors.


  • Tested and verified by an independent test laboratory
  • Highly recommended by Air Quality Consultants
  • Accepted by Local Authorities Planning Departments



AAC NITROSORB® is routinely specified by Mechanical Consultants for indoor air projects in Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) and is approved by major UK Developers.


Further Information

To find out more about our Indoor Air Quality solutions, please call our Customer Sales Team on 0800 999 4884 or send us an email.