Carbon Filters

carbon filters

We use the latest Carbon Filter technology to design and manufacture high-performance Carbon Filtration solutions for Odour Control and VOC abatement applications in the Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Educational sectors.

The AAC PR range of plastic refillable Carbon Filters is built for economy, performance and longevity.  These robust filters are available in a full range of standard sizes.

A competitively priced design and manufacture service are also available for bespoke projects.

carbon filter panel

The AAC PR is a low-cost range of plastic refillable carbon filters with re-usable filter trays. These high-quality and durable carbon filters are manufactured from virgin injection moulded plastic and assembled at our site in Brownhills. The filters have a removable sealing strip fitted at either end, to enable the granular or pelletised media to be easily poured out and then recharged.

Type Normal Dimensions
StandardA562mm x 605mm x 25mm
B562mm x 302mm x 25mm
C281mm x 302mm x 25mm
DoubleA562mm x 605mm x 50mm
B562mm x 402mm x 50mm
C281mm x 302mm x 50mm
TrebleA562mm x 605mm x 75mm
B562mm x 302mm x 75mm
C281mm x 302mm x 75mm

Green Credentials

  • Plastic Refillable System
  • Designed for use with the AAC ColourCell Media Filter system.

Key Benefits

Our Carbon Filters provide a wide variety of important benefits, including:

  • Low Initial & Running Costs
  • Low-Cost Bespoke Design and Supply Service
  • Competitively Priced Media Replacement Service
  • Comprehensive Media Disposal Service
  • Available in a Range of Material Options
  • Can withstand Air Temperatures of up to 120℃

activated carbonActivated Carbon

Within our range of products, we also offer an extensive range of high-quality coal and coconut-based activated carbon. Our Adsorption Media Index lists the common substances for which carbon filtration can provide cost-effective odour control and VOC removal.

Carbon Filter Products

We also offer a comprehensive range of carbon filtration products and filter housings that are designed to deliver effective VOC removal in the chemical, oil, and gas sectors. Our filters are also effective for solvent fume removal in manufacturing plans and clean rooms.

Gain Maximum Benefit For Your Carbon Filter System

The AAC Colourcell® Media Filter System is an AAC patented product, designed to reduce costs and to help end users and maintenance teams achieve maximum benefit from their carbon filtration system. This system provides a visual, first stage analysis of the condition of the installed activated carbon.

colourcell media filter system

Carbon Filter Replacement Service

Click on the following link to find out more about our low-cost Carbon Filter Replacement and Media Disposal Services.

Further Information

Further information on our full range of Carbon Filter products please call 0800 999 4884 or send us an email.