Carbon Filters for Waste Recycling and Waste Transfer Stations

Waste Transfer Station - Waste Recycling

Large 2-pass swiftpacks handling 21.0m3/second.

The AAC 2-Pass Swiftpack® System is a bespoke filtration solution built to deliver effective Odour Control and Dust Filtration in Waste Recycling and Waste Transfer Stations.

This high performance economical solution is designed for use in Recycling and Waste Transfer applications where there is a need to deliver immediate odour and dust control. These robust units are capable of handling higher volume flow rates and the 2-pass system provides greater dwell times and effective, long term odour control for the significant odour concentrations associated with this type of applications.

The AAC 2- Pass Swiftpack® System is manufactured from 316SS stainless steel and is built to deliver an operational life of at least 25 yrs.

Key Benefits:

  • Suitable for use with a variety of Activated Carbon
  • Designed for use with AAC Colourcell®
  • Robust modular construction
  • Flexible modular solution
  • 2-Pass System offers greater dwell time
  • Long-life Solution
Waste Transfer Carbon Filter
SEE ABOVE - 2 AAC 2-Pass Swiftpack 316SS units recently commissioned for Odour Control provision during a scheduled maintenance shutdown in a Waste Transfer plant in Scotland.

carbon filter rangeAAC PR Carbon Filters

The AAC PR range of plastic refillable Carbon Filters deliver high performance, sustainable Odour Control and VOC Abatement. These robust filters are designed for use with a full range of AAC Carbon Filter products including the AAC 2-Pass Swiftpack® System.

All our Carbon Filter products are built to deliver high removal efficiencies for a range of substances generated in the waste recycling process. Our Adsorption Media Index provides a comprehensive list of common substances for which carbon filtration can provide a cost-effective odour control and VOC removal solution.

Bulk Filter Vessels

The AAC BFV Bulk Filter Vessel is designed to deliver VOC reduction and odour control in Waste Transfer Stations and Recycling Plants. This low-cost solution is suitable applications that require large quantities of Activated Carbon with low to medium volume flow-rates with a high odour or VOC component from 0.5m3/s up to 60m3/s per vessel.

Activated Carbon

At AAC Eurovent, we offer a full range of competitively priced, high performance coal and coconut based Activated Carbon, suitable for Waste Transfer and Recycling applications.

Carbon Filter Media Replacement and Disposal

To assist media replacement projects in Waste Transfer Stations, we offer a low-cost Media Replacement and Media Disposal Service

The AAC 2-Pass Swiftpack® and AAC Colourcell®

AAC Colourcellaac colourcell enlargedThe AAC 2-Pass Swiftpack® System is designed for use with the AAC Colourcell® Media Filter System. This AAC patented solution offers end users an invaluable visual indication of the condition of installed Activated Carbon, and to when the media may require to be replaced.

Further Information

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