Carbon Filters for Energy From Waste Plants With Ducted Systems

AAC Eurovent manufactures high-performance and effective carbon filter systems for reliable odour control and VOC abatement in Waste to Energy plants.

Large 3 Carbon Pass Swiftpack handling 21.0m3/second.

Odour Control and VOC Abatement in Waste To Energy Plants

The AAC 3-Pass Swiftpack System is a duct mounted system that incorporates the AAC ‘PR’ (Plastic Refillable) range of carbon filters. This high-performance carbon filter system is designed for waste to energy plants and is built to deliver excellent performance in odour control and VOC abatement with reduced future running costs for the end client.

The AAC 3-Pass Swiftpack System can be supplied in either 316SS or Galvanised Mild Steel and is available in both standard configurations and modular versions, enabling the units to be quickly and easily assembled onsite.

The AAC 3-pass Duct Mounted Carbon Filter System with Pre-Filters

AAC Swiftpack 3-pass carbon filter units each with 3 stage Pre-filter section.

The AAC 3-pass carbon filter system is designed for larger waste to energy odour control projects, handling 21.0m3/second. This high-performance solution was recently deployed in a waste to energy recycling facility in Scotland and it was selected for its odour control capability and particulate matter collection.

The installation of AAC PR filter cells in the AAC 3-pass carbon filter system enables the activated carbon media to be emptied and re-filled many times over the course of the lifespan of the filter cell, contributing to the reduced running cost of the system by minimising the times that filter replacement is required.

The 3-pass capability of this carbon filter system enables different media types to be utilised allowing removal of both general gases and odours, as well as specific gases such as ammonia.

Within the AAC 3-pass carbon filter system, a 3-stage pre-filtration section is installed to protect the carbon media from blinding from any dust contamination.

Environmentally Friendly Equipment

The AAC 3-Pass Swiftpack System is a plastic refillable carbon filter system that offers a range of environmental benefits for larger odour control and particulate matter collection projects, such as Waste to Energy plants.

  • Filter trays can be emptied and refilled many times before replacement is required.
  • Spent activated carbon can, when appropriate, be recycled FREE of Charge in the UK.
  • Where carbon recycling is possible this leads to a reduction in the running costs for this element of a large project.

AAC 3-Pass Carbon Filter System Servicing

The servicing of the AAC 3-pass carbon filter units can be carried out by on-site personnel, alternatively, AAC Eurovent Ltd can arrange for the filter units to be serviced on-site by fully trained AAC Personnel who are experienced in this procedure.

In addition, AAC Eurovent has the capability to design, install the ductwork, and fan provision.

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AAC Colourcell Media Filter System

A patented AAC Colourcell transparent media indication filter is also installed within the unit, to enable onsite operatives to visually assess the condition of the media prior to any media replacement project.

Activated Carbon

We offer a full range of high-performance coal and coconut based Activated Carbon, suitable for odour control and VOC abatement in Waste to Energy projects.

Carbon Filter Media Replacement and Disposal

We offer a low-cost Media Replacement and Media Disposal Service.

All our systems are Quality Assured to ISO9001:2015

Further Information

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