Carbon Canisters

AAC CF Carbon Canister

The AAC CF series of high-performance carbon canisters is a welcome addition to our extensive range of AAC air filtration products.

These robust cylindrical filters are manufactured in either galvanised mild steel or 316 stainless steel. For maximum air filtration potential, these filters are filled with 4mm virgin Activated Carbon pellets.  Various media grades are available dependent upon application.

Features And Benefits:

  • Refillable Filters
  • Dual Purpose Design
  • Durable, Compact and Lightweight
  • Competitively Priced
  • Bespoke design service

Typical Applications:

  • General Air Purification for Offices and Airports
  • Solvent and Diesel Exhaust Odour Adsorption
  • Odour Control for Hydroponics
  • Odour Control for Bin Store Extraction Systems
  • General Air Purification

The AAC CF Carbon Canister delivers excellent airflows and odour control. This simple to use filter is suitable for a variety of volume flow rates, fits most types of extractor fans and mounting frames, and can also incorporate a removable flange to permit easy media replacement.

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The AAC CCG/SS stainless steel and the AAC CCPL plastic refillable carbon canister systems are two brand-new additions to the AAC Carbon Canister family.

Manufactured using the latest carbon filter technology, these high-performance carbon filters are suitable for a variety of volume flow rates and deliver maximum air filtration potential in applications which require a high-performance and sustainable inorganic and organic odour control solution.

The AAC CCPL series of Carbon Canisters are compact, lightweight and offer all the features of our conventional stainless steel and galvanised steel carbon canisters offer, but with the added benefit of a plastic refillable system.

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Inline Carbon Filters

Image of an Inline filter.

These competitively priced filters are suitable for maximum flow rates of up to 760m3.

The AAC ILCF range of Carbon Canisters is designed to enable streamlined installation for inline ductwork projects.

Activated Carbon Services

activated carbon

We hold a large stock of various competitively priced activated carbon media grades and offer a comprehensive media resupply service.

Media Disposal Services

We offer a comprehensive media testing and media safe disposal service. Ask our Sales Team about this competitively priced service.

Further Information

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