Continuous NO2 Air Quality Monitoring System


The AAC Equinox® Continuous NO2 air quality monitoring system is designed for use with the AAC NITROSORB® filter system.

About the AAC NITROSORB® Filter System

In response to major changes in European air quality legislation, AAC Eurovent have developed a full range of effective mitigation solutions to reduce NO2 levels in indoor air.

The AAC NITROSORB® filter system is regularly specified in residential, school, nursery, university and commercial building indoor air projects where there is a requirement, as part of the planning process, to deliver a sustainable NO2 mitigation solution.

Effective Monitoring and Measurement of AAC NITROSORB®

Low data resolution (monthly data from diffusion tubes) and prohibitive costs have rendered conventional air quality monitoring techniques unsuitable for the continuous monitoring of the AAC NITROSORB® filter efficiency.

AAC Equinox® is a competitively priced, continuous NO2 air quality monitoring system designed to measure the efficiency and performance of the AAC NITROSORB® filter system, both immediately and over time.

Why choose the AAC EQUINOX®?

  • High quality, low cost solution with low maintenance and running cost
  • Simple to install
  • Remote analysis with set point alarm providing media replacement alerts
  • Assurance to end users that the filters are performing well and protecting them
  • Provides invaluable indication as to when the NITROSORB® filters may need to be replaced


AAC EQUINOX® is designed for use with the AAC COLOURCELL® media filter cell to provide end users with an important visual indication of the condition of installed NITROSORB® media. In practice these changes may take place over a period of several years, but by monitoring the changes in the appearance of the COLOURCELL® filter media, end users and maintenance personnel are able to easily monitor the condition of the NITROSORB® filter media and to determine when it may require to be replaced.

In addition to the monitoring of NO2, AAC EQUINOX® has the capability to monitor: carbon monoxide, temperature, relative humidity and noise levels.

AAC EQUINOX® is available for purchase as an outright investment or on low cost hire.



Further Information

For further information on AAC Equinox® call our Customer Sales Team on 0800 999 4884 or send us an email.