Indoor Air Quality

AAC Nitrosorb UnitAAC NITROSORB® is a unique patented media product, researched and developed in response to the increasing demand for a price sensitive, sustainable mitigation solution for indoor air NOx (NO and NO2) and SO2 levels.

Comply with the stringent requirements of the Ambient Air Quality and Cleaner Air for Europe (CAFE) Directive (2008/50/EC)

This high performance solution is routinely specified by Mechanical Consultants, recommended by Planning Consultants and accepted by Local Authority Planners as a mitigation solution, to comply with EU current legislation on Indoor Air Quality.

Indoor Air Quality NOx (NO and NO2) SO2 Reduction for Residential Properties, Schools, Nurseries, University and Commercial Buildings

AAC NITROSORB® efficiently removes low concentration NO2, NOx and SO2 at the levels typically found in our inner cities and is suitable for use in Residential Properties, Schools, Nurseries, Universities and Commercial Buildings.

AAC NITROSORB® is designed for flexibility and economy, and is suitable for use with a range of AAC patented products including: AAC Swiftpack®, AAC Equinox® AAC Colourcell® and the AAC PR range of Media Filter Cells.

Compatible with Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery System (MVHRs), Horizontal and Vertical Air Flows

The AAC Swiftpack® NITROSORB® Filter System incorporates AAC NITROSORB® into the AAC PR range of Media Filter Cells, which enables compatibility with Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Systems (MVHR), Horizontal and Vertical Air Flows. For Centralised Air Handling Plant the AAC NITROSORB® Filter Cells can be installed by means of the AAC Swiftkit®System and the AAC Skeleton-Frame


  • Tested and verified by an independent test laboratory and is highly recommended by Air Quality Consultants and accepted by Local Authorities.
  • Routinely specified by Mechanical Consultants for Indoor Air projects in Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) and is approved by major Developers.
  • Suitable for both new build and retro-fit applications and can be custom designed to accommodate the toughest space requirements.


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Further Information

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