Carbon Filter Products for Airport Terminal Buildings

AAC-Swiftkit-Carbon-Filters-for-Air-Handling-Units-(AHU)At AAC Eurovent we design, manufacture and supply high performance Carbon Filter Systems to improve indoor air quality at Airport Terminal Buildings.

The impact of VOC and Odour from aircraft emissions can have serious implications on the health and wellbeing of visitors to and those working in our Airports.

Our compAAC-Skeleton-Framesetitively priced solutions can be found protecting the indoor air at Airport Terminal Buildings across the UK.

Our Carbon Filter Systems are designed to prevent fumes and odour from Kerosene based products from entering the Terminal Building, greatly enhancing both the Customer and Staff experience.


For Airport Installations Our Product Range Includes:

  • The AAC Skeleton Frame is a low cost, robust solution that enables AAC PR Carbon Filters to be easily installed into existing Air Handling Units
  • The AAC Swiftpack® System is an AAC Carbon Filter Housing solution designed to enable the AAC PR range of Carbon Filters to be installed into ducted systems.
  • The AAC Swiftkit® System is a Carbon Filter solution that enables Air Handling Unit manufactures to quickly and easily install the AAC PR range of Carbon Filters into their Air Handling Units (AHUs).

To assist our airport projects, we hold in stock a full range high quality Activated Carbon and offer a low cost Media Testing and Media Disposal Service.

Further Information

For further information on our Carbon Filter Systems for Airport Terminal on 0800 999 4884 or send us an email.